Check List 19(2): 147-153, doi: 10.15560/19.2.147
Updated distribution of the Indo-Pacific Slender Gecko, Hemiphyllodactylus typus Bleeker, 1860 (Squamata, Gekkonidae), in Peninsular Malaysia and a discussion of its range expansion
expand article infoZijia Hong, Shahrul Anuar, Bei Zou, L. Lee Grismer§|, Evan S. H. Quah#
‡ Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia§ La Sierra University, Riverside, United States of America| San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, United States of America¶ Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia# National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
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Hemiphyllodactylus typus Bleeker, 1860 is a small, nocturnal, scansorial, unisexual gecko having a wide distribution throughout the archipelagos of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. In Peninsular Malaysia, it was previously reported from seven localities. Since then, H. typus has been reported from several new localities based on observations from recent field surveys. The updated distribution records of H. typus in Peninsular Malaysia are compiled here, where it is now known from 18 localities.
Herpetofauna, reptiles, unisexual species