Check List 18(6): 1237-1242, doi: 10.15560/18.6.1237
Chrysaster ostensackenella (Fitch, 1859), a potentially invasive species newly recorded from Europe (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae)
expand article infoPeter Huemer, Toni Mayr§
‡ Tiroler Landesmuseen-Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H., Innsbruck, Austria§ Independent researcher, Feldkirch, Austria
Open Access

Chrysaster ostensackenella (Fitch, 1859), originally a New World species with recent records from East Asia, is newly reported from Europe (Italy, Province Rieti). The potentially invasive species is a trophic leaf-mining specialist on Robinia. Species identification is based on DNA barcoding and morphological characteristics.

DNA barcode, New World, Italy, introduced species, Robinia