Check List 18(6): 1255-1262, doi: 10.15560/18.6.1255
DNA barcoding identifies a novel population of the imperiled Trinity Pigtoe, Fusconaia chunii (Lea, 1862) (Bivalvia, Unionidae), in the San Jacinto River drainage in Texas
expand article infoChase H. Smith, Clinton R. Robertson§, Charles R. Randklev|
‡ University of Texas, Austin, United States of America§ Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, San Marcos, United States of America| Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at Dallas, Dallas, United States of America
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The Trinity Pigtoe, Fusconaia chunii (Lea, 1862), is a freshwater mussel endemic to the Trinity River drainage in Texas. Here, we report the first population of F. chunii in the San Jacinto River drainage in Texas. We identified three specimens of F. chunii using DNA barcoding, which were morphologically indistinguishable from syntopic Fusconaia flava (Rafinesque, 1820). A similar issue occurs in the Trinity River drainage. Fusconaia chunii is listed as state threatened, and future research is necessary to assess its status within the San Jacinto River drainage

Conservation, freshwater mussel, North America, Pleurobemini