Check List 18(5): 995-1003, doi: 10.15560/18.5.995
Updated distribution map and notes on the cranial morphometry of Dasyprocta azarae Lichtenstein, 1823, Azara’s Agouti (Mammalia, Rodentia, Dasyproctidae), in South America
expand article infoIngrith Yuliany Mejía-Fontecha, Paula A. Ossa-López, Fredy A. Rivera-Páez§, Bruce D. Patterson|, Héctor E. Ramírez-Chaves
‡ Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia§ Universidad de Caldas, Manizalez, Colombia| Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, United States of America
Open Access
Dasyprocta azarae Lichtenstein, 1823 is currently distributed in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, with controversial records in Bolivia. Recent records using trail cameras have expanded its distribution in the Chaco region of Paraguay, but its distribution remains unclear because of its morphological similarity to species in Bolivia and northwestern Argentina. We present an updated map of distribution of D. azarae based on the review of specimens in biological collections and literature. Our results show that D. azarae is distributed in four biomes, across 11 ecoregions, and has an extent of occurrence of 2,512,985 km2.
Biological collections, conservation, ecoregions, skull, trail cameras