Check List 18(3): 553-562, doi: 10.15560/18.3.553
First records of Tylopilus glutinosus Iqbal Hosen (Boletaceae) from Shorea robusta-dominated forests in tropical India: morphological description and phylogenetic estimation
expand article infoDyutiparna Chakraborty, Matteo Gelardi§, Manoj Emanuel Hembrom|, Aniket Ghosh
‡ Botanical Survey of India, Kolkata, India§ Via Traversa della Selciatella 2B, I-00062 Bracciano, RM, Italy, Bracciano, Italy| Botanical Survey of India, Howrah, India
Open Access

During the routine survey for exploring the hidden macrofungal wealth of tropical Sal (Shorea robusta Roth) forests in West Bengal and Jharkhand (India), we found a specimen similar to Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceous (Snell & E.A.Dick) Snell & E.A.Dick. After careful morphological observations and phylogenetic analysis, the species was found to be conspecific with Tylopilus glutinosus Iqbal Hosen, a recently established taxon from Bangladesh. We report T. glutinosus for the first time from India and provide a detailed description, figures, a multigene phylogenetic analysis, and comprehensive comparisons with similar species. A distributional map is also provided.

Boletaceae, India, macrofungi, phylogeny, taxonomy