Check List 18(4): 907-918, doi: 10.15560/18.4.907
Distribution extension of Lasiurus arequipae Málaga, Díaz, Arias & Medina, 2020 (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) and contributions to its natural history
expand article infoGandhy Portugal-Zegarra, Giüseppy Calizaya-Mamani§, Pamela Sánchez-Vendizú|, Marisel Flores-Quispe§, Joaquín Ugarte-Núñez
‡ Programa de Conservación de Murciélagos de Perú; Mahuilque SpA Servicios Generales Mahuilque Ingeniería y Geomensura, Tacna, Peru§ Programa de Conservación de Murciélagos de Perú-Sede Tacna; Consultoría & Monitoreo Perú SAC, Tacna, Peru| Museo de Historia Natural de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru¶ Knight Piésold Consulting, Arequipa, Peru
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The recently described bat Lasiurus arequipae Málaga, Díaz, Arias & Medina, 2020 is endemic to Peru. Lasiurus are­quipae is currently known to occur at two localities in the department of Arequipa and one locality in the department of Tacna in southwestern Peru. Here, based on morphological and molecular data, we present a fourth locality that represents the southernmost record of this species and extends its known range 62 km south from the nearest locality in Tacna. Additionally, we provide information some aspects on the natural history and acoustic profile of L. arequipae.

Echolocation call, Lasiurini, new record, Pacific coastal desert, Peruvian bats, Tacna