Check List 18(2): 431-434, doi: 10.15560/18.2.431
Thereuonema tuberculata (Wood, 1862) (Chilopoda, Scutigeromorpha, Scutigeridae) from forested habitats in North America
expand article infoWill K. Reeves, Myrna M. Miller§
‡ C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, Fort Collins, United States of America§ University of Wyoming, Laramie, United States of America
Open Access

Thereuonema tuberculata (Wood, 1862) is an anthropophilic centipede originating from Asia. Introduced populations were recently reported from inside buildings in the United Kingdom and the USA; however, this centipede has not been reported from outdoor habitats where it is an introduced species. We report established populations of T. tuberculata in two forested and lakeside habitats in Nebraska, USA, which indicates this species has a widely dispersed, established population in the continental USA.

Centipede, invasive species, Japanese house centipede, Myriapoda, Nebraska, Palearctic, Scutigera coleoptrata