Check List 18(3): 507-513, doi: 10.15560/18.3.507
Persicaria barbata (L.) H. Hara and Persicaria glabra (Willd.) M. Gómez (Polygonaceae): two newly recorded species from the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico
expand article infoJuan Javier Ortiz-Díaz, Juan José Ancona , Juan Tun-Garrido
‡ Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mérida, Mexico
Open Access

Two species of Persicaria (L.) Mill. are reported for the first time in the Neotropics. Persicaria glabra (Willd.) M. Gómez is reported for the first time as part of the flora of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and Persicaria barbata (L.) H. Hara is newly recorded from Mexico and the Americas. We present morphological descriptions of these two species along with figures, a distribution map, and a dichotomous key for the identification of the six species of Persicaria from the Yucatan Peninsula.

Aquatic plants, Campeche, Persicarieae, Polygonaceae, Polygonoideae