Check List 18(6): 1195-1201, doi: 10.15560/18.6.1195
First record and redescription of Helionothrips annosus Wang, 1993 (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) in South Asian region: a pest of True Cinnamon Tree, Cinnamomum verum J.Presl. in Sri Lanka
expand article infoChinthaka U. Widanapathirana§, Sheryl A. Yap§, Manfred R. Ulitzka|, G.G. Jayasinghe
‡ National Cinnamon Research and Training Center, Matara, Sri Lanka§ University of Philippines Los Banos, Los Banos, Philippines| Thrips-iD, Offenburg, Germany
Open Access

A thrips species, Helionothrips annosus Wang, 1993, is reported for the first time from the South Asian region as a leaf damaging pest on True Cinnamon Tree in Sri Lanka and taxonomically redescribed. The species is very distinct in hav-ing a complete comb of microtrichia on abdominal tergite VIII. Female is dark brown and 1.5–1.6mm in length with a prominent transverse occipital ridge and metascutum triangle with posterior margin extending over the metascutellum. Its local distribution, alternative host plants, and damage to cultivated True Cinnamon leaves are also recorded in this study.

Host plants, leaf damage, new record, Panchaetothripinae, thrips