Check List 18(2): 441-446, doi: 10.15560/18.2.441
First records of Loxopholis southi (Ruthven & Gaige, 1924) (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) in the Cordillera Oriental of the Colombian Andes
expand article infoHugo Bernal-Hernández, Alejandro Montañez-Méndez§, Manuel Hernando Bernal|
‡ Independent researcher, Bogotá, Colombia§ Ecología Evolutiva y Biogeografía Tropical ECOBIT, Departamento de Biología, Universidad INCCA de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia| Grupo de Herpetología, Eco-Fisiología & Etología, Departamento de Biología, Universidad del Tolima, Ibague, Colombia
Open Access

We present the first records of Loxopholis southi (Ruthven & Gaige, 1924) from the western slope of the Cordillera Oriental in Colombia. This species had previously only been known from the biogeographic regions of Chocó and Magdalena River valley in the Cordillera Occidental and Central Colombia, and from Central America. This record expands the distribution of L. southi to the Andean mountains of the Cordillera Oriental, crossing the Magdalena River valley. It now constitutes the easternmost known occurrence in Colombia and the highest altitudinal record for this species.

Colombia, distribution, diversity, geographic, lizard, range extension