Check List 18(1): 1-9, doi: 10.15560/18.1.1
New record of Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Chromodorididae) in the Republic of Mauritius
expand article infoLisa Ah Shee Tee, Daneshwar Puchooa, Chandani Appadoo, Vishwakalyan Bhoyroo
‡ University of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius
Open Access
To date, 179 species belonging to the gastropod infraclass Euthyneura are known from Mauritius. We report for the first time from Mauritius the chromodorid nudibranch, Hypselodoris infucata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830), based on 47 sites surveyed over 17 months. This species was previously known from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Indo-Pacific Ocean, and Western Indian Ocean. We observed it in Mauritius at Bain des Dames near a shipwreck under coral rubble. Considering the small size and camouflage behavior of some nudibranch species, additional fieldwork will likely add others species unknown from the islands.
Geographic range, islands, Western Indian Ocean, Nudibranchia, sea slug