Check List 17(6): 1601-1608, doi: 10.15560/17.6.1601
Walckenaeria stylifrons and Spiracme mongolica (Araneae, Linyphiidae, Thomisidae), two new species to Slovakia
expand article infoPavol Purgat§, Peter Gajdoš, Adrián Purkart|, Natália Hurajtová§, Ľubomír Volnár |, Katarína Krajčovičová|
‡ Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Branch Nitra, Nitra, Slovakia§ Faculty of Natural Sciences, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Nitra, Slovakia| Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
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The spiders Walckenaeria stylifrons (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875) and Spiracme mongolica (Schenkel, 1963) are reported from Slovakia for the first time. These new records are based on adult males found in Western Slovakia in xerothermic habitats. The occurrence of W. stylifrons in Slovakia fills the gap in its distribution in Pannonian Basin and between Austria and Ukraine. Spiracme mongolica has been known only from the Balkans and south-eastern part of Europe to central Asia, this is the first record for Central Europe. We suggest Spiracme mongolica (Schenkel, 1963) new combination for Xysticus mongolicus Schenkel, 1963. Characteristic features, photographs of habitus and copulatory organs, and habitats of the new records are presented. 

Aeolian sand dunes, Aranei, Central Europe, faunistics, first record, Panonian Basin, xenomorphic habitats