Check List 17(4): 1187-1193, doi: 10.15560/17.4.1187
The presence of Dry Forest Racer, Masticophis mentovarius (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854) (Squamata, Colubridae), in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica
expand article infoSteven Gallo-Gutiérrez, Jerson Arturo Santamaría Martinez§, Lucía I. López§, José Manuel Mora|§
‡ Santa Elena, Monteverde, Monteverde, Costa Rica§ Universidad Técnica Nacional, Alajuela, Costa Rica| Portland State University, Portland, United States of America
Open Access

Masticophis mentovarius (Duméril, Bibron & Duméril, 1854) occurs at low and moderate elevations in Lowland Dry Forest and Premontane Moist Forest. This species is known in Costa Rica mainly from the dry lowlands of the northwest. Here we report the presence of M. mentovarius at the Tropical Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica, at 1275 m a.s.l. The new records provide information on the true limits of the distribution of species and may represent expansion of the species’ range due to environmental changes caused by global climate change.

Climate change, Neotropical Coachwhip, Premontane Wet Forest, reptile, snake, Tilarán mountain range