Check List 17(6): 1731-1743, doi: 10.15560/17.6.1731
Bat diversity from an area of coastal Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil
expand article infoMarcella De Assis Araújo Abreu, Valeria Da Cunha Tavares§|, Ligiane Martins Moras|
‡ Centro Universitário Metodista Izabela Hendrix, Belo Horizonte, Brazil§ Universidade Federal da Paraíba, João Pessoa, Brazil| Instituto Tecnológico Vale, Belém, Brazil
Open Access
We characterize the bat fauna of forested sites in the municipality of Domingos Martins, Espírito Santo state, southeastern Brazil, and update the list of bat species of the state. We conducted a rapid inventory using ground-level mist nets (27,000 m²·h effort) and occasional roost searching, which resulted in a list of 23 species belonging to Phyllostomidae (18 species), Vespertilionidae (3), and Molossidae (2). We report the first record of Molossops neglectus Williams & Genoways, 1980 and Myotis lavali Moratelli, Peracchi, Dias & Oliveira, 2011 from Espírito Santo, bringing the total number of confirmed species in the state to 86. The molossid Nyctinomops laticaudatus (É. Geoffroy, 1805) was exclusively recorded in its diurnal roost in rocky outcrops. Our study fills knowledge gaps in the distribution of bat species in southeastern Brazil, and more specifically in the highly diverse coastal Atlantic Forest of Espírito Santo. These data reinforce the importance of continuously inventorying and documenting bats in the Neotropics.
Chiroptera, Espírito Santo state, new records, species distribution, species list