Check List 17(4): 1081-1087, doi: 10.15560/17.4.1081
Range extension of a small livebearer fish, Poecilia scalpridens (Garman, 1895) (Cyprinodontiformes, Poeciliidae): a new record for the Jari river drainage, Amapá, Brazilian Amazon
expand article infoPedro Henrique Negreiros de Bragança, Felipe Polivanov Ottoni§|, Cecile de Souza Gama, Elisabeth Henschel#
‡ South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Grahamstown, South Africa§ Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Chapadinha, Brazil| Federal University of Maranhão, Chapadinha, Brazil¶ Instituto de Pesquisas Científicas e Tecnológicas do Amapá, Macapá, Brazil# Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Recent field expeditions in the Jari river drainage, in addition to examination of uncatalogued poeciliids, allowed the identification of specimens as Poecilia (Pamphorichthys) scalpridens (Garman, 1895). The known range of this species includes lakes and igarapés in the lower reaches of tributaries near the main channel of the Amazon River between Parintins and the mouth of the Tapajós River. Here, we expand the range of P. scalpridens by about 300 km. We provide the main diagnostic characters of P. scalpridens to facilitate identification of specimens collected in future field surveys.

Cyprinodontoidei, freshwater, geographic distribution, ichthyology, Neotropical region, poeciliids, South America