Check List 17(4): 1089-1093, doi: 10.15560/17.4.1089
First record of Strix huhula Daudin, 1800 (Strigiformes, Strigidae), Black-banded Owl, from the savanna–dry forest ecotone in northeastern Brazil
expand article infoLeonardo Moura dos Santos Soares, Wedson Medeiros Silva Souto§, Anderson Guzzi|, André Bastos da Silva§
‡ Paraense Emílio Goeldi Museum, Belém, Brazil§ Universidade Federal do Piauí, Teresina, Brazil| Universidade Federal do Piauí, Parnaíba, Brazil
Open Access

Strix huhula Daudin, 1800 is widely distributed species of owl in the Neotropical region. However, this species is considered rare in nature due to its dependence on forested habitat and low adaptive capacity to survive in anthropogenic environments. There are scattered records throughout Brazil. Here, we provide the first record of S. huhula in a savanna–dry forest ecotone in Piauí state. This expands the geographic distribution of S. huhula to northeastern Brazil.

Deforestation, Cerrado–Caatinga ecotone, geographic distribution, Neotropical birds