Check List 17(2): 583-594, doi: 10.15560/17.2.583
Observations of a Desmodesmus (Chodat) S.S. Ann, Friedl & E. Hegewald (Sphaeropleales, Chlorophyta) and two Didymocystis Korshikov (Chlorellales, Chlorophyta) in Lake Tanganyika
expand article infoChristine Cocquyt§, Laetitia Caljon|, N'sibula Mulimbwa, Pierre-Denis Plisnier#
‡ Meise Botanic Garden, Meise, Belgium§ Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium| non, Geel, Belgium¶ Centre de Recherche en Hydrobiologie, Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo# University of Liège, Liège, Belgium
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The occurrence of three species belonging to the small coenobia forming green algae Desmodesmus and Didymocystis is reported from the northernmost part of Lake Tanganyika, East Africa. During a monitoring between September 2011 and October 2013 the highest number of cells of Desmodesmus bicellularis and Didymocystis comasii were observed in August and September, at the end of the dry season. On the other hand, the third taxon, Didymocystis cf. inermis, was only sporadically observed between September 2011 and March 2012. According to existing databases, it should be the first records from Africa of these three species. However, D. bicellularis (as Didymocystis bicellularis) was already reported in 2003 in phytoplankton samples of the pelagic zone from more southern located places in Lake Tanganyika.

Desmodesmus bicellularis, Didymocysts bicellularis, Didymocysts comasii, Didymocystis inermis, East African Great Lakes, phytoplankton, seasonality