Check List 17(3): 975-978, doi: 10.15560/17.3.975
New record of the Red Shoulder Wrasse, Stethojulis bandanensis (Bleeker, 1851) (Perciformes, Labridae), from Korea
expand article infoHyuck Joon Kwun, Se Hun Myoung§
‡ National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea, Seocheon, South Korea§ Korea Instotute of Ocean Science and Technology, Uljin, South Korea
Open Access
A single female juvenile specimen of Stethojulis bandanensis (Bleeker, 1851) was collected from Korea. The specimen is characterized by the 14 pectoral fin rays, the orange-red spot on upper pectoral fin base, and two small light-blue-edged black dots on the caudal peduncle. This species is the third species of the genus Stethojulis Günther, 1861 in Korea, and the newly proposed Korean name for the species is “Ju-hwang-jeom-mu-ji-gae-nol-lae-gi”.
Unrecorded, Jeju Island, subtropical, juvenile