Check List 17(3): 1015-1020, doi: 10.15560/17.3.1015
First records of Mordellochroa humerosa (Rosenhauer, 1847) from Slovakia (Coleoptera, Mordellidae)
expand article infoDávid Selnekovič, Katarína Goffová, Ján Kodada§
‡ Comenius University in Bratislava Faculty of Natural Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia§ Comenius University Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
Open Access

Mordellochroa humerosa (Rosenhauer, 1847) is reported from Slovakia for the first time based on 13 specimens collected in 2017–2020 in two localities. The known distribution of the species and collection circumstances are discussed, and four mtDNA sequences of COI gene fragment are submitted to GenBank and BOLD. Photographs of the habitus and drawings of the diagnostic characters are provided for M. humerosa

Distribution, Pannonian bioregion, salt marsh, tumbling flower beetles