Check List 17(1): 289-310, doi: 10.15560/17.1.289
Preliminary survey of avifauna of the Estação Ecológica do Cuniã in Porto Velho, northern Brazil
expand article infoTatiana Lemos da Silva Machado, Uéslei Marques de Oliveira§, Sheiliane Santos do Nascimento, Marcos Pérsio Dantas Santos|, Angelo Gilberto Manzatto
‡ Universidade Federal de Rondônia, Porto Velho, Brazil§ Centro Universitário São Lucas, Porto Velho, Brazil| niversidade Federal do Pará, Belém, Brazil
Open Access

We present a preliminary list of the avifauna found at the Estação Ecológica do Cuniã (ESEC Cuniã) in Porto Velho, northern Rondônia, Brazil. This inventory is based on systematic records obtained by mist-netting and camera trapping and non-systematic visual and audio records collected within the study area in 2017 and 2019. The combined dataset includes 135 bird species representing 37 families. Among these species are endemic birds and migratory birds. Four of the species are described in the last decade, and the records represent expansions of these species’ known ranges to the state of Rondônia. Overall, the data show that the ESEC Cuniã has a considerable diversity of bird species and is important for the conservation of the fauna of the floodplains of the Amazon basin.

Amazon floodplains, bird conservation, long-term ecological research, ornithological inventory, protected area