Check List 17(2): 655-667, doi: 10.15560/17.2.655
New records of vascular plants for the flora of Lebanon: a rare species rediscovered after seventy years, Daphne pontica L. (Thymelaeaceae), and three new occurrences, Atropa bella-donna L. (Solanaceae), Circaea lutetiana L. (Onagraceae), and Euonymus latifolius (L.) Mill. (Celastraceae)
expand article infoHicham El Zein, Magda Bou Dagher-Kharrat§
‡ Independant Researcher, Beirut, Lebanon§ Université Saint Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon
Open Access
During a series of surveys in two valleys of Mount Lebanon between 2014 and 2020, four new occurrences of vascular plants were detected. Atropa bella-donna L. (Solanaceae, Spermatophyte), Circaea lutetiana L. (Onagraceae, Spermatophyte), and Euonymus latifolius (L.) Mill. (Celastraceae, Spermatophyte) were recorded for the first time in Lebanon, while Daphne pontica L. (Thymelaeaceae, Spermatophyte), thought to be extirpated in Lebanon was rediscovered after 70 years. The updated distribution and ecology of these four Euro-Siberian elements, relics of the Quaternary glaciations, are presented.
Eastern Mediterranean, Euxinian and Hyrcanian provinces, Euro-Siberian region, glacial refugium, Levant, relict plant species, SW Asia