Check List 17(2): 649-653, doi: 10.15560/17.2.649
First record of Caecilia guntheri Dunn, 1942 (Gymnophiona, Caeciliidae) in Central America
expand article infoLuis Carlos Elizondo-Lara
‡ Universidad de Panamá, Panama, Panama
Open Access

I report the first encounter in Central America of an individual of Caecilia guntheri Dunn, 1942 (Gymnophiona, Caeciliidae). The individual was observed and collected in a primary evergreen submontane forest in Cerro Pirre, Darien Province, Republic of Panama. It was identified mainly by the low counts of secondary and primary folds. The encounter of this individual of C. guntheri highlights the disjunct populations and apparently the results of dispersion of this species from South to Central America by biotic exchange as result of the closure of the Isthmus of Panama.

Amphibians, biotic exchange, Cerro Pirre, Darien, disjunct distribution, Panama