Check List 17(2): 551-568, doi: 10.15560/17.2.551
Gerromorpha (Insecta, Hemiptera, Heteroptera) from eastern Maranhão state, northeastern Brazil
expand article infoCleilton Lima Franco, Juliana Mourão dos Santos Rodrigues§, Carlos Augusto Silva de Azevêdo, Felipe Ferraz Figueiredo Moreira§
‡ Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, Centro de Estudos Superiores de Caxias, Laboratório de Entomologia Aquática, Caxias, Brazil§ Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Laboratório de Biodiversidade Entomológica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access
The infraorder Gerromorpha (Insecta, Hemiptera, Heteroptera) comprises semiaquatic bugs, most of which live on the water surface, among floating plants or at the margins of water bodies. We made collections of these insects in the Itapecuru and Parnaíba hydrographical basins in eastern Maranhão state, northeastern Brazil, from January to December 2019. Based on the material obtained, we present new records for 23 species, 20 of which are recorded for the first time from Maranhão state.
Aquatic insects, lakes, semiaquatic bugs, streams