Check List 17(3): 753-758, doi: 10.15560/17.3.753
A new occurrence of Mucor inaequisporus Dade (Mucorales, Mucoromycota) from soil of the Atlantic Forest in the Brazilian Northeast
expand article infoLeslie W.S. de Freitas, Catarina L.F. de Lima, Carlos A.F. de Souza, Giovanna C.L. da Cunha, Joana D.A. Leitão, Suzana B.G. da Silva, Mateus O. da Cruz, Rafael J.V. de Oliveira, André L.C.M. de A. Santiago
‡ Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil
Open Access

Mucor inaequisporus Dade (Mucorales, Mucoromycota) was isolated for the first time from soil in an area of Atlantic Forest in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. It is distinguished from other species by simultaneously producing erect, undulating and curved sporangiophores, as well as mostly pyriform, oblong, conic, ellipsoid, and obovoid columellae. The sporangiospores vary in size and shape, with some irregular in shape. Aspects of the morphology and distribution of this species are commented on.

Alagoas state, Mucoromyceta, Mucoraceae, taxonomy