Check List 17(2): 701-707, doi: 10.15560/17.2.701
Sighting of the rare jellyfish Anomalorhiza shawi Light, 1921 in a marine protected area of Hong Kong
expand article infoPia Maria Catherine Ricca, Ho Chi Angola Cheung
‡ WWF-Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Open Access

Anomalorhiza shawi Light, 1921 is a species of rhizostome jellyfish (Cnidaria, Rhizostomeae), which is the most diverse order of scyphozoan jellyfishes. This species has rarely been observed, such that little information exists on its distribution or biology. We report a new sighting of A. shawi in the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park of Hong Kong, which extends this species’ geographic distribution by 1,116 km northwards from Manila Bay, Philippines. We also highlight the value of community science platforms for species identification and range extension.

Hoi Ha Wan, live encounter, Rhizostomeae, Scyphozoa, South China Sea