Check List 16(6): 1581-1590, doi: 10.15560/16.6.1581
The bess beetles (Coleoptera, Passalidae) of three subregions of the Department of Sucre, Caribbean region of Colombia
expand article infoCarlos Taboada-Verona , Leidys Murillo-Ramos
‡ Universidad de Sucre, Sincelejo, Colombia
Open Access

We provide species lists and geographical occurrence records of the beetle family Passalidae for three subregions of the department of Sucre, northern Colombia. The sampling localities are lowland environments with typical tropical dry forest vegetation. We selected 15 sampling sites and examined decomposing trunks. We record seven species, four genera, and two tribes of Passalidae. The most abundant species were Passalus punctiger Lepeletier & Serville, 1825, P. interstitialis Eschscholtz, 1829, and P. interruptus (Linnaeus, 1758). We also provide new records for Passalus punctatostriatus Percheron, 1835, Paxillus leachi MacLeay, 1819, and Popilius marginatus (Percheron, 1835) in the department of Sucre. Veturius aspina Kuwert, 1898 was present only in the localities with well-preserved forests. Finally, the species number recorded in this study is low compared to other inventories in Neotropical regions.

Distribution, new records, Passalinae, Scarabaeoidea, taxonomy, tropical dry forest, species richness