Check List 16(6): 1475-1518, doi: 10.15560/16.6.1475
New bird records for the Serranía de Las Quinchas, Colombia: inventory update and comments on distributions in an altitudinal gradient
expand article infoJuan S. García-Monroy, Óscar E. Morales-González, Juan E. Carvajal‑Cogollo
‡ Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Tunja, Colombia
Open Access
The diversity of birds in the Las Quinchas mountain range amounted to 374 taxa in 2007, most of them distributed in the tropical region of the massif. We made five sampling trips between March and October 2019 to different locations in the Tropical and Sub-Andean regions of Las Quinchas, we added 11 species increasing in 3% the avian richness of the mountains. The 383 species are distributed in 55 families and 22 orders. One species is categorized as Critically Endangered and four are the Vulnerable. There was greater species richness in the upper part of the mountains and low turnover between altitude ranges.
Andean region, distribution range, species distribution, taxonomic diversity, tropical humid forests