Check List 17(1): 167-169, doi: 10.15560/17.1.167
First records of Callaspidia defonscolombei Dahlbom, 1842 (Hymenoptera, Cynipioidea, Figitidae) in an urban environment in Colombia
expand article infoEsteban Tulande-M., Juliana Durán-Prieto§
‡ Jardin Botanico de Bogota Jose Celestino Mutis, Bogotá, Colombia§ Jardin Botanico de Bogota Jose Celestino Mutis, Bogota, Colombia
Open Access
Callaspidia defonscolombei Dahlbom, 1842, is a figitid wasp with a widespread distribution. In South America, it has been reported from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Here we report the first record of this species in Colombia, where it was associated with two species of trees in urban parks of Bogotá. We also report the presence of unknown pollen in the examined individuals. Future studies need to be conducted to identify the local impact of this species as a possible parasitoid and/or pollinator in the green spaces of the city of Bogotá.
Bogotá D.C., city tree species, introduced species, Lafoensia acuminata, Quercus humboldtii