Check List 16(5): 1171-1180, doi: 10.15560/16.5.1171
Crouania mageshimensis Itono, 1977 (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) and three other species new to the Eastern Tropical Pacific
expand article infoNatalia Rincón-Díaz, Brigitte Gavio§, Juliana Valentina Sánchez Muñoz, Luis Chasqui
‡ Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras, INVEMAR, Santa Marta, Colombia§ Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá D.C, Colombia
Open Access

We report new records of four macroalgae species in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, specifically from the rocky reefs of northern Chocó, Colombian Pacific. Among them, three species of Rhodophyta are included—Crouania mageshimensis Itono, 1977; Monosporus indicus Børgesen, 1931; Jania articulata N’Yeurt & Payri, 2009—and one species of Chlorophyta—Ulothrix subflaccida Wille, 1901. The new records increase the knowledge of tropical marine algae in the Pacific, open the discussion about possible dispersal mechanisms, and recall the importance of conducting molecular studies to define phylogenetic and biogeographic aspects of macroalgae.

Benthic flora, Chlorophyta, Colombia, Panama Bight, rocky reefs