Check List 16(5): 1337-1341, doi: 10.15560/16.5.1337
First records of Peruvian Toro, Toromys rhipidurus Thomas, 1928 (Rodentia, Echimyidae), in Colombia
expand article infoJulián Lozano-Flórez, Sebastián Cifuentes-Acevedo
‡ Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander Von Humboldt, Villa de Leyva, Colombia
Open Access

Although taxonomy, ecology, and natural history information of the arboreal spiny rats is available, many gaps in some species distribution still exist. We report here the first records of the Peruvian Toro, Toromys rhipidurus (Thomas, 1928), in southern Colombia. This arboreal spiny rat was only known from the Peruvian Amazonia. These new records extend the known geographical distribution of the species by about 61 km northward from its nearest known locality, at Río Yavarí, Peru. In addition, we provide some notes on the natural history of the species.

Arboreal rodents, Amazonia, Puerto Nariño, Tarapoto Lake