Check List 16(5): 1415-1419, doi: 10.15560/16.5.1415
New record of the Endangered Black-bellied Tern, Sterna acuticauda J.E. Gray 1831, from Tungabhadra River at Siruguppa, Bellary, Karnataka, India
expand article infoAbhijeet Bayani
‡ Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru (= Bangalore), Karnataka, India
Open Access

Black-bellied Tern, Sterna acuticauda J.E. Gray, 1831, is an Endangered species currently restricted to a few patches along the major rivers and lakes in the Indian subcontinent. I report it from Tungabhadra River at Siruguppa for the first time. Five individuals in breeding plumage were observed at a 6 km stretch of river, sampled using line transect method. Previous records, with this new locality, suggest that the population of Black-bellied Tern could be fragmented. This new site could be a promising breeding ground for the species; nevertheless, it is under threat owing to uncontrolled sand mining.

Conservation, fragmentation, sand mining, subpopulation