Check List 16(4): 889-893, doi: 10.15560/16.4.889
First record of Jupiaba acanthogaster (Eigenmann, 1911) (Ostariophysi, Characidae) in the upper Paraná river basin, Brazil
expand article infoDouglas Alves Lopes, Thiago T. M. Taveira§, Francisco Severo-Neto|, Fernando R. Carvalho
‡ UFMS, Campo Grande, Brazil§ Sigma - Consultoria Ambiental, Campo Grande, Brazil| Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, Brazil
Open Access

Jupiaba Zanata, 1997 is a genus with small species within Characidae, identified by a pair of modified bones in the form of spines just anteriorly to pelvic-fin base. The genus is mostly distributed throughout the Amazon drainage, except J. acanthogaster (Eigenmann, 1911), which also occurs in the Paraguay river basin. In this work, we recorded for the first time J. acanthogaster in the Sucuriú River drainage, upper Paraná river basin, Brazil. Its occurrence may be a consequence of the historical hydrological interaction between the Paraná and Paraguay river basins.

Characiformes, headwater catchments, species distribution, Sucuriú river basin