Check List 16(4): 793-798, doi: 10.15560/16.4.793
Distribution and conservation status of Drosera viridis Rivadavia (Droseraceae), including the first records from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and a key to the genus in this state
expand article infoPaulo M. Gonella, Carlos R. Lehn§
‡ Instituto Nacional da Mata Atlântica, Santa Teresa, Brazil§ Instituto Federal Farroupilha, Câmpus Panambi, Panambi, Brazil
Open Access

Drosera viridis Rivadavia, a Brazilian endemic species of carnivorous herb, has its geographical range extended in South Brazil, including the first records for Rio Grande do Sul, from subtropical highland grasslands in the northeastern region of the state. Taxonomic notes, habitat information, an updated distribution range, and an identification key for the Drosera L. species from Rio Grande do Sul are presented. Based on the updated distributional range and potential threats in Brazil, we suggest the species to be classified as Near Threatened, following IUCN Red List categories and criteria.

Atlantic Rainforest, carnivorous plants, geographic distribution, highland grasslands, Red List