Check List 16(3): 765-772, doi: 10.15560/16.3.765
New records of four reptile species (Lepidosauria, Squamata) from the province of Guayas, southwestern Ecuador
expand article infoKeyko Cruz-García, Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia§, Juan C. Sánchez-Nivicela|, Luis Amador#
‡ Universidad de Guayaquil, Guayaquil, Ecuador§ Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador| Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia¶ Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile# Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte, Guayaquil, Ecuador
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Southernmost record of Rhinobothryum bovallii (Andersson 1916), new country records and notes of distribution range of Anolis lyra (Poe, Velasco, Miyata and Williams 2009), Corallus blombergi (Rendahl and Vestergren 1941) and, Spilotes megalolepis (Linnaeus 1758), are provided from specimens collected in Cerro de Hayas forest, Guayas province, southwestern Ecuador.

Anolis; biogeography; Corallus; Lepidosauromorpha; Neotropics; Rhinobothryum; Spilotes