Check List 16(3): 661-664, doi: 10.15560/16.3.661
First record of the caddisfly Notidobiella amazoniana Holzenthal & Blahnik, 2010 (Trichoptera, Sericostomatidae) from Roraima state, northern Brazil
expand article infoGleison R. Desidério, Ana M. Pes
‡ Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia (INPA), Coordenação de Pós-Graduação (COPOG), Divisão do Curso em Entomologia (DiENT), Manaus, Brazil
Open Access
Notidobiella amazoniana Holzenthal & Blahnik, 2010 was known only from the type locality in Amazonas state, Brazil. Herein, we provide the first record of N. amazoniana for Roraima state, thus extending the geographic range of this species to the northernmost state of Brazil. Its occurrence in Roraima also represents the first record of the family Sericostomatidae for the state and the most northern record of the genus in South America. Information on the holotype of N. amazoniana and a distribution map for all species of Notidobiella are provided.
Amazon basin, aquatic insects, conservation, distribution, Serra da Mocidade, South America, taxonomy