Check List 16(3): 563-570, doi: 10.15560/16.3.563
Big cats are still walking in El Salvador: first photographic records of Puma concolor (Linnaeus, 1771) and an overview of historical records in the country
expand article infoAndrea Morales-Rivas, Francisco S. Álvarez§|, Xochilt Pocasangre-Orellana|, Luis Girón, Gloria N. Guerra#, Reynaldo Martínez#, Juan Pablo Domínguez¤, Franz Leibl«, Christoph Heibl«
‡ University of Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany§ UDP Ciencias Neotropicales, San Salvador, El Salvador| Fundación Naturaleza El Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador¶ Asociación Territorios Vivos El Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador# Parque Nacional Montecristo, Metapán, El Salvador¤ BioSistemas Network, San Salvador, El Salvador« Bavarian Forest National Park, Grafenau, Germany
Open Access

The presence of Puma, Puma concolor, has been controversial in El Salvador due to the lack of published, verifiable data. We surveyed 119 sites in Montecristo National Park and 17 sites in the Río Sapo basin using wildlife cameras. We detected Pumas in both areas, representing the first photographic records for El Salvador. We call for a national Puma conservation strategy with research in basic ecology and migration corridors, regulation of hunting, management of livestock losses, and public acceptance programs. The Río Sapo basin should be granted formal protection.

Camera trap, cougar, Central America, distribution, mammals, Montecristo, Río Sapo