Check List 16(3): 649-653, doi: 10.15560/16.3.649
First record of the Paint-billed Crake, Mustelirallus erythrops (Sclater, 1867) (Aves, Rallidae), in Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia
expand article infoArley Omar Gallardo, Esteban Carrillo-Chica§
‡ Universidad de Pamplona, Pamplona, Colombia§ Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Leticia, Colombia
Open Access

We present the first record of Paint-billed Crake, Mustelirallus erythrops (Sclater 1867), for Amazonas, Colombia. We observed six individuals in water channels at the Leticia airport, in Amazonas department, while monitoring the avifauna associated with the airport. Our photographs and recordings represent the first record of the species in the Amazon region in Colombia, and the first documented record of the species in all western Amazonia.

Distribution extension, airport, bird hazard, Amazonia