Check List 16(1): 67-73, doi: 10.15560/16.1.67
New records and range extension of Black-goggled Tanager, Trichothraupis melanops (Vieillot, 1818) (Passeriformes, Thraupidae), in extreme southern Brazil
expand article infoGustavo Crizel Gomes, Thales Castilhos de Freitas, Henrique Noguez da Cunha§, Fernando P. Jacobs, Michele Spenst Wall|
‡ Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Pelotas, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Pelotas, Brazil| Universidade da Região da Campanha, Aceguá, Brazil
Open Access
We describe new records of Trichothraupis melanops in five municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The birds were detected in sporadic expeditions in the Serra do Sudeste and Campanha Gaúcha regions by direct visualization and vocal recognition. One of these records, next to the border with Uruguay, is the southernmost known location for the species in Brazil. This record expands the geographic range of the species in Brazil south by 170 km. We believe that these occurrences are seasonal displacements and do not represent a colonization front with resident populations.
Frutero Corona Amarilla, geographic distribution, Lanio melanops, Pampa biome birds, seasonal displacements, tiê-de-topete