Check List 16(1): 183-206, doi: 10.15560/16.1.183
The ferns and lycophytes of Reserva Natural Guaricica, Antonina, Paraná, Brazil
expand article infoFernando B. Matos, Amabily Bohn, Paulo H. Labiak
‡ Universidade Federal do Parana, Curitiba, Brazil
Open Access

We found 204 species of pteridophytes in Reserva Natural Guaricica, a private natural heritage reserve (RPPN) in Antonina, Paraná, Brazil. With approximately 8,600 ha and elevations ranging from sea level to 600 m, RPPN Guaricica has more species of pteridophytes than any other area in Paraná. Ferns are represented by 194 species in 82 genera and 26 families, whereas lycophytes comprise 10 species in four genera and two families. The RPPN is the type locality of two recently described species: Hypolepis acantha Schwartsb. and Oleandra australis Schwartsb. & J.Prado. It is also the only place of occurrence of Didymoglossum angustifrons Fée, Diplazium riedelianum (Bong. ex Kuhn) C.Chr., Pteris ensiformis Burm.f., P. tripartita Sw., Saccoloma elegans Kaulf., and Steiropteris polypodioides (Raddi) Salino & T.E.Almeida in Paraná. Pteris ensiformis and Saccoloma brasiliense (C.Presl) Mett. are new state records. Additional species are expected to occur in the area, in view of their known geographical ranges.

Atlantic rainforest, biodiversity, conservation, floristics, pteridophytes, Rio Cachoeira, SPVS