Check List 16(1): 17-25, doi: 10.15560/16.1.17
Twelve new additions in the orchid flora of Tripura, north-east India
expand article infoArjun Adit, Monika Koul§, Rajesh Tandon
‡ Department of Botany, University of Delhi, Delhi, India§ Botany Department, HansRaj College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
Open Access

Despite the discovery of several new plant species from India every year, there is dearth of information on species of orchid, especially from the North Eastern Region . As a detailed survey seemed necessary for reliable documentation, we looked into the diversity of orchids in Tripura state. We document the first records from the state for 12 species of orchids, including two genera (Crepidium Tausch and Dendrolirium Blume). Geographical distributions along with detailed descriptions and photographs of the species are provided.

Epiphytic orchids, extended distribution, new records, terrestrial orchids