Check List 15(6): 1137-1144, doi: 10.15560/15.6.1137
New records and range expansion for Paspalum procurrens and P. volcanense in northwestern Argentina and southeastern Bolivia
expand article infoAdriana Glücksberg, Eric Javier Martínez, Ana Isabel Honfi§, Carla Maldonado|, Diego Hernán Hojsgaard
‡ Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Corrientes, Argentina§ Professor of Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Posadas, Misiones, Argentina| University of Copenhagen, Copenhage, Denmark¶ University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany
Open Access

Paspalum procurrens Quarin and P. volcanense Zuloaga, Morrone & Denham are two rare species of South American grasses inhabiting geographically restricted areas which are exposed to ecological degradation due to landscape transformation and biodiversity losses. We present new records for these species, from the provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán and Catamarca (Argentina) and departments of Tarija, Chuquisaca, and Santa Cruz (Bolivia). New geographic distribution maps and the biological relevance of these findings are discussed pinpointing the need for imperative and assiduous botanical explorations in biodiversity hotspots sensible to the impact of human activities. Ploidy levels in these two species are studied.

Anachyris, biodiversity, grasses, rare species, South America, polyploidy