Check List 16(1): 111-114, doi: 10.15560/16.1.111
First documented record of Chordeiles pusillus (Gould, 1861) (Caprimulgiformes, Caprimulgidae) in São Paulo state
expand article infoFernando Igor de Godoy, Arthur Macarrão, Raisa Rodarte, Thalles Vassão Braga Ribeiro, Vagner de Araujo Gabriel
‡ Casa da Floresta Ambiental, Piracicaba, Brazil
Open Access

This note presents the first documented record of Least Nighthawk, Chordeiles pusillus (Gould, 1861), in São Paulo state, Brazil. The species was observed on four occasions (January 31, April 25, and July 27, 2016; April 27, 2017) in a sandy-rocky habitat on the left bank of Grande river, Mira Estrela municipality. This record is at least 300 km from the previously known occurrences of the species.

Cryptic plumage, Grande river, nighthawk, reservoir