Check List 15(4): 595-599, doi: 10.15560/15.4.595
First record and DNA barcode of the clearwing moth Tinthia tineiformis (Esper, 1789) from Malta, central Mediterranean
expand article infoClare Marie Mifsud§, Denis Magro§, Adriana Vella§
‡ Conservation Biology Research Group, Biology Department, University of Malta, Msida, Malta§ Biological Conservation Research Foundation, PO BOX 30, Ħamrun, Malta
Open Access

A sesiid species, Tinthia tineiformis (Esper, 1789), is reported for the first time from the Maltese Islands, central Mediterranean. This new record represents the first species belonging to the subfamily Tinthiinae in Malta. The specimen was identified through morphological and genetic analyses. Observations of the live specimen revealed the use of jumping strategies by this species.

Biodiversity conservation, Lepidoptera, Maltese Archipelago, Sesiidae