Check List 15(5): 891-897, doi: 10.15560/15.5.891
Nitraria komarovii Iljin & Lava ex Bobrov (Nitrariaceae), a new record for the flora of Kazakhstan
expand article infoMariya Anatolyevna Tomoshevich, Evgeny Viktorovich Banaev, Taigana Ayasovna Ak-Lama
‡ Central Siberian Botanical Garden SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Open Access

Nitraria komarovii Iljin & Lava ex Bobrov is newly reported for the flora of Kazakhstan. The two new records extend the range of this species eastward from its previously known range in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. A full description of N. komarovii is given for the first time, along with illustrations, notes on its taxonomy, and a distribution map. Nitraria komarovii is most similar to N. schoberi L., but differs in its habit, narrower and longer, linear-spatulate, greenish-yellow leaves, which gradually narrow to the base, more subtle inflorescences, size of the stone, petal, stamen, and pistil, and color of the fruit.

Floristic records, geographic range extension, Lake Balkhash