Check List 15(5): 797-809, doi: 10.15560/15.5.797
Geographic distribution of epilithic diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) in Antarctic lakes, South Shetland Islands, Maritime Antarctica Region
expand article infoJuliana Ferreira da Silva, Maria Angélica Oliveira§, Rodrigo Paidano Alves, Ana Paula Vestena Cassol|, Raylane Ribeiro da Anunciação, Eduardo Pereira da Silva, Adriano Luis Schünemann, Antônio Batista Pereira
‡ Universidade Federal do Pampa, São Gabriel, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil| Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Open Access
Organisms adapt to the environment by establishing themselves in suitable locations. Adaptation to the harsh Antarctic environment is no different. In this work the communities of epilithic diatoms in ice-free areas of water systems of five Antarctic islands are studied. The samples were oxidized, and permanent sheets were later prepared for analysis of the material. They were examined using an optical microscope and mounted on stubs for identification of the taxon in an electron microscope. Fifty-nine species distributed in 28 genera were collected. Only four species were observed in all study areas. Deception Island had unique species in comparison with those on other islands. Knowing the diatom community is a first step in understanding the systems that they inhabit. The polar environment is challenging due to the difficulty of sampling and low diversity and abundance.
Aquatic systems, biogeography, conservation, environment, microalgae