Check List 15(3): 485-488, doi: 10.15560/15.3.485
New record of Tantilla alticola (Boulenger, 1903) (Serpentes, Colubridae) for the Central Cordillera in the department of Tolima, Colombia
expand article infoRonald Mauricio Parra-Hernández§, Duvan F. Zambrano|, Manuel Hernando Bernal|
‡ Asociación Tolimense de Ornitología, Ibagué, Colombia§ Grupo de Biodiversidad y Ecología Tropical, Ibagué, Colombia| Universidad del Tolima, Ibagué, Colombia
Open Access

We report for the first time the presence of Tantilla alticola in the department of Tolima, Colombia. This report represents the southernmost distribution point for this species in the Central Cordillera of the Colombian Andes.

Distribution, diversity, leaf-litter snakes, morphology, taxonomy