Check List 14(6): 961-965, doi: 10.15560/14.6.961
First record of African Hind, Cephalopholis taeniops (Valenciennes, 1828) (Perciformes, Epinephelidae) in the South-western Atlantic
expand article infoLucas Canes Garcia, Cristiano Rangel Moreira, Alfredo Carvalho-Filho§
‡ Museu Nacional/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil§ Fish-Bizz Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access
Recent studies reported the introduction of non-native species on the Brazilian coast. In this contribution, we provide the first record of Cephalopholis taeniops (Valenciennes 1828) in the western South Atlantic, based on a specimen captured off the Ilhas Cagarras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and discuss the potential agents for its introduction. While this single specimen was collected in 2006 in a well-known locality, no other specimen has been captured since.
Brazil; grouper; introduced species; reef fish; Brazilian economic exclusive zone