Check List 14(5): 805-810, doi: 10.15560/14.5.805
Notes on the geographic range and distribution of two free-tailed bat species (Chiroptera, Molossidae) in Costa Rica
expand article infoDavid Villalobos-Chaves, Andrea González-Quirós§, Luis Lara-Hernández§, Bernal Rodríguez-Herrera|
‡ Programa para la Conservación de los Murciélagos de Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica§ Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, S.A., Unidad de Sostenibilidad, Área Gestión Ambiental y Recursos Naturales, San José, Costa Rica| Universidad de Costa Rica, Escuela de Biología, San José, Costa Rica
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Nyctinomops laticaudatus (É. Geoffroy St.-Hilaire, 1805) and Eumops nanus (Miller, 1900) are 2 species with distributions that are expected for Costa Rica. However, voucher specimens that confirm the presence of these species in the country are absent or missing in museum collections. Here we document voucher specimens and present data that confirm the presence of N. laticaudatus and E. nanus in Costa Rica.

Eumops nanus; Nyctinomops laticaudatus; Central America; new records