Check List 14(6): 1053-1058, doi: 10.15560/14.6.1058
Morphological and molecular identification of Geophagus sveni Lucinda, Lucena & Assis, 2010 (Cichlidae, Cichliformes) from the Paraná river basin, Argentina
expand article infoMauricio F. Benitez, Juan C. Cerutti, Danilo R. Aichino, Diego Baldo§
‡ Instituto de Biología Subtropical (CONICET-UNaM), Posadas, Argentina§ Instituto de Biología Subtropical (CONICET-UNaM), Misiones, Argentina
Open Access
During 2015, we collected several specimens of a cichlid tentatively assigned to Geophagus in Yacyretá reservoir in the Paraná river basin (Argentina). By means of morphological and molecular evidence, we identified these specimens as Gephagus sveni, a species known from middle portion of the Tocantins River. Here we report the presence of the genus Geophagus (sensu stricto) in Argentina for the first time.
New record; freshwater fish; Argentine ichthyofauna; cytochrome oxidase 1; acara