Check List 14(4): 671-674, doi: 10.15560/14.4.671
Southernmost record of Yellow-headed Vulture, Cathartes burrovianus Cassin, 1845 (Cathartiformes, Cathartidae), in Buenos Aires province, Argentina
expand article infoMartín Alejandro Colombo, Luciano Noel Segura
‡ Sección Ornitología, Museo de La Plata, Universidad Nacional de La Plata-CONICET, La Plata, Argentina
Open Access

We report the southernmost record of Yellow-headed Vulture, Cathartes burrovianus, in Punta Piedras, north-eastern Buenos Aires province, Argentina. This record implies the presence of this species in a new habitat: the Pampas ecoregion. Considering this and other records in Argentina and Uruguay, the species distribution could be extending south from its known range.

New World vultures, Pampas ecoregion, range extension, species distribution, talares.